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Why we are not able to score well in ielts listening

So the first point we’re going to discuss is why we are not able to score well in IELTS and why we cannot get our desired score. We have given test after test, and we have been scoring maybe a six on a six and a half or seven, but not eight or above, because we need a triple seven rate listing for Ailes. So we need eight to achieve a golden score. We need eight, at least for most of the people. But there might be some people who might require less than this. So the first point is that our ear is not developed or accustomed to regular listening, right? So it’s not developed enough. So, of course, we may be good at listening, but not enough for us to get the design band.


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Many of us watch movies, and we think that, OK, we watch English movies, so that might help us get a good score. Well, it can help to a certain extent, but not completely. So watching movies doesn’t help because the pictures help you understand the story, and we are not making full use of listening. So if you compare watching movies with listening to podcasts in podcasts, you have to listen and then try to imagine. So it opens the door of the imagination in your brain because of which you can think. OK, so so the speaker is saying this. That means that incident must have happened so you can fault.


You can envisage you can form a mental picture of the story in your head, which is exactly what we need for our listening skills because this is not watching a video and listening; this is just listening. Right? So we should spend time in those activities, which will help us in our listening skills. OK, so I’m not saying stop watching movies, but we know how we watch movies, right?


We watch it to enjoy the day when we start watching movies for educational purposes, like improving our listening skills. I would then say that movies can help, for example, playing a few minutes of the movie and then making notes of what they have said and writing it down and then reflecting on it. The next thing that doesn’t help is giving practice test after test with no clue what’s going wrong. So many students continue to give tests so they would buy the Cambridge books, which is great. But by just giving test after test, it’s not going to help us improve until we find out the reasons we are making those mistakes. So we need to analyze, so we will discuss all of that if we look at how to effectively practice, not saying that practicing is not required. It is going to be part of yours. However, it must be done in a way that will help you improve because sometimes, if you keep giving practice tests and keep getting similar results every time, it can be a little demotivating.