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The Canadian Hidden job market

Facts related to Canadian Job Market:-

  • You know 80 percent of the jobs in Canada are not advertised
  • The hidden job market is never advertised, but rather employers prefer to turn to their personal and professional network
  • Employers get referrals from employees resumes already on file, Current interns and volunteers

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How to access the hidden job market?

  • Networking
  • Informational Interviews
  • Company research
  • Cold Contacting
  • Volunteering


The most popular way to find jobs in Canada.

Professional immigrant network (PINs)

PINs association help their members prepare for the Canadian workplace and connect to employment opportunities. These are run by and for skilled immigrants.

Benefits of PINs

If you are looking for opportunities to build your network and support your job search, the PINs program can be useful. By Joining these kind of associations, you can:

  • Network with professionals in your field, including employers.
  • Learn and develop your skills by participating in events and activities such as workshops networking events, and volunteer positions.
  • Access information for your job searches such as labor market trends, job opportunities programs, and resources.


This is a sample from Bean’s Website that helps you find the immigrant network directory.

Another center that you can use for a network is the Center for Professional integration.

Here is the Website in donations. I know a way to network a throw organization like intonations internationally as an online community is who can find it around the world in different countries in Canada and find global intonations.


Going through the Website and just in the city that you are prosecuting. It’s highly recommended that you can do the network through intonations. For example, you can meet people in their local city. Another way that you can network is through Facebook groups. There is an example of a Facebook group for engineers Canada, but you can also find other related groups or immigrant groups linking unions.

It’s also another way to network.

Once you create your profile in thing, you can choose to search for groups related to your career in Canada. In this example, we can see the lists of union groups in London that are in Canada on the web page.

Informational Interviews

  • An interview you initiate to gather information about employment opportunities.
  • Talk to the person who hire in an organization.
  • Ask a question about employment opportunities that you have prepared in advance


How to Schedule

  • Determine who is going to be Interviewed
  • Introduction through a mutual contact. 
  • Email directly
  • Ask for 30 minutes at a time convenient for them
  • Offer to pay for coffee/ meal.

Recommended videos on YouTube

See the links in the resources section

How to find companies that interest you?

  • Use the internet to research those companies.
  • Check their human resources page on their Website to understand the hiring process.
  • Revise their Website to identify who is responsible for the hiring as one of their staff members.
  • Check small and medium-sized companies (500 employees or less ) since they create 80 percent of all jobs in Canada

while useful directory. And that’s one of the best ways to find Canadian companies here. There are a lot of  websites which you can try for seven days for free, but you have all the pricing information about the Website. The database on such websites includes several industries and also several provinces.

How to use this Scott's directory?

  • It is a searchable database of potential Canadian employers
  • The directory gives you the names of people working at your preferred companies.
  • You can look those people up on linked in and request to join their network.
  • Cold calling: when calling (telephone or Skype )or sending an email message to someone you do not know, not your network, to explore employment opportunities.
  • Your objective is to be introduced by someone in your network so you can turn the cold call into a warm call.
  • Linked In and other networks can help you accomplish this. Avoid Spam and unwanted calls or email messages to potential employers.

Telephone Etiquette

Common mistakes in cold calling  

  • The listener cannot see you.

  • The listener may not know you.

  • You want to make a good impression.

  • The listener may want to take notes.

  • Talking too soft or nearly.

  • Speaking too fast.

  • Not pausing or making sure that the listener understood.

  • Not writing a script to cover all the important points.

  • Not leaving the phone number or date and time in your message.

  • Not spelling your name in your message.

  • Not mentioning the person in common.    

This is another common mistake that people make when they are called calling. Remember that you prepare a cold calling script and not mention it in the personal income. That’s another mistake that people make.

The benefits of volunteering

  • Although it is unpaid, Volunteering with organizations within the engineering profession is a good way to gain valuable work experience and build your network.
  • Volunteering at schools, community centers, and places of worship is also a rewarding way to introduce yourself to Canadian culture and society, work on speaking, reading, and writing skills and contribute to your community.


Some common what say for volunteering Canada is a very popular charity village. You can find their jobs opportunity volunteer opportunities in Canada, and you can explore the Web site. No one is a spark, Ontario. Also, you can find volunteering opportunities in Ontario through this Website