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Optimizing your job search in Canada.

How to be an active jobseeker?.

To become an active job seeker, you should have following things always ready with you:-

  • Goals/objective 
  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Reference letter
  • Interview skills
  • Online presence
  • Network


Job Search platforms


  • Research in those cities or regions your occupation is in high demand in Canada.
  • Looking for jobs outside metropolitan areas may help you since there is less competition in those areas.
  • Bio data must be translated into English or French depending on the employer.
  • Check with your potential employer for specific requirements
  • -You may need to use an approved translation service (if so, you will have to pay for the translation) and provide certified translations original documents or copies notarized by a lawyer
  • reference letter 
  • In addition to your resume and cover letter, a potential employer may want to see reference letters or speak with someone who can provide a reference for you.
  • A reference letter is a document written by a former employer, client or professor that describe your personal qualities- for example, how well you were with others.
  • Depending on the job, a potential employer may ask for one to three References letters.


Though there is no standard rule. Most important are that your reference letters be positive and include the full name, current contact information and professional designation of the referring you.

 It is best to provide letters from people in various professions and, if possible, from overseas and Canada.