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How to immigrate from India to Canada without a job offer

There are different ways to go to Canada without job offers. Like

  • Express Entry
  • Study Visa

Express Entry:-  Express Entry is just a system. Through this Canadian Immigration Department get their applications. He manages them within different programs. Express Entry is not a program, just a system. There are three other things inside Express Entry.

FSW = Federal Skilled Workers

CEC = Canadian Experience Class

FSTC = Federal Skilled Trade Category

If you want more information of express entry, you can consult to immigration consultants in Ludhiana. But now Let’s talk about Federal Skilled Worker who works inside Express Entry. A few things are essential in a skilled federal worker, keeping in your lamp.

  1. Age
  2. Education
  3. Language Skills
  4. Work Experience
  5. Adaptability
  6. Job Offers

After mixing all these things, it is known whether you are in Federal Skilled Worker or not. All these things run above 100 points. You have to bring at least 67 scores from inside you.


                                                           MEC – Factors

                     Six selection Factors – Federal skilled workers (Express Entry)

       Selection factor Points

  1. Education Maximum 25 points
  2. English and French language ability Maximum 28 points
  3. Work experience Maximum 15 points
  4. Age Maximum 12 points
  5. Arranged employment in Canada Maximum 10 points
  6. Adaptability Maximum 10 points

 Total Maximum 100 points

       Pass marks 67 points

If you lie down 67 points, then you can create your profile in Express Entry Main. You can go to the CSI website to create your GC key. For the entry profile, you need a few things.

  1. Passport
  2. ECA – Education Equivalency
  3. Language Score (IELTS)
  4. Work Experience

You can enter your passport number and your date of birth. After that comes education.

   ECA = Education Credential Assessment

  •        WES = World Education Services
  •        CES = Comparative Education Services (University of Toronto)
  •        ICAS = International Credential Assessment Service of Canada
  •        IQAS = International Qualifications Assessment Service
  •        ICES = International Credential Evaluation Service
  •        MCC = Medical Council of Canada (NOC 3111 and 3112)
  •        PEBC =Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (NOC 3131)

In addition, you will also have to take a language skill test. In English, then in French, because both these languages are spoken in Canada. If you look at the test in English, it will also be there or CELPIP. IELTS is very popular in India. You need six bands in IELTS.

                                       IELTS General – CLB 7

  • Listening 6.0
  • Speaking 6.0
  • Reading 6.0
  • Writing 6.0

Work Experience also matters a lot. Work experience should be of one year. And the skill should be in time 0, A and B. You will get this information on the CSI website;

What is your NOC.

NOC stands for National Occupational Classification (NOC). The Canadian government has classified each occupation and given they have been given a four-digit number.

Go to the CSI website. After going to the code, you have to keep it that you have 12 Months work experience from work, then you come in express Entry.

After this, you can create your profile. After completing the profile, you will get the CSR score.

  •        CSR = Comprehensive Ranking System

If you have scored 67 points, you will be entering the pool. After entering the pool, if everyone joins the collection, who has the privacy now is the one whose ranking score is higher. This is the scoring factor of the ranking score.

        Comprehensive Ranking System Factors & Points Values    

Age, level of education, official language proficiency, Canadian work experience, you got 500 points.

Education, foreign work experience, qualification certificate you get 100 marks.

Arranges employment in Canada; Provincial Enrolled Program Enrollment gets you 600 points.

   Total = 1200

The scores obtained after aggregating all these are said to be using a comprehensive ranking system. First, your score is reflected in the privacy puree pool. Second, your rank is reflected in the net collection. Finally, Canadian immigration, who has the highest score in 2 weeks, calls them and invites them for par.

It is called Express Entry, and all these dates can be applied for Express Entry.